4 Core Services
Providing Seed Money Supported by Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, a maximum of up to HK$150,000 will be provided to each successful application as an interest-free business start-up loan. The amount of loan will be determined by the Steering Committee who approve of a viable business plan (The amount of the loan will vary according to each case).
Arranging Business Mentorship and Professional Consultancy Business mentors will be drawn from amongst fellow entrepreneurs, senior executives in corporations and industry, consultants and other professionals. They would volunteer their time, expertise and experiences and thus serve as advisors on business operations. Professional consultancy will be available from trade and industry associations and business service institutions that provide consultancy services especially for young people.
Giving Business Support YBHK will provide or liaise for suitable business hardware and resources support as well as business network as required for business start-ups.
Information and Networks YBHK will provide information on industry, trade, finance and laws as basic materials to assist in business operations, while also providing young people with access to local business networks.