Eligibility and Application Procedures

(1) Eligibility

1.     Applicants must be permanent residents of Hong Kong, must be aged 18 to 35 (as of the 30th April 2017 deadline for applications) and must have a sound business plan.

2.      Applicants must not be subject to any bankruptcy order or proceedings.

3.    Successful applicants will receive the grant and loan provided by the SIC programme but will not be allowed to receive the Youth Development Fund’s Entrepreneurship Matching Fund from other institutes or any other form of public funding for their start-ups;

4.      The project must not be registered and has already been in operation.

5.      If an applicant has any business partners, they too must apply for the programme, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.


 (2) Application Procedure

(A) How to Apply? 

1.      Please begin by filling in the online application form at https://goo.gl/forms/zdaikTfoKHrYHS003

2.    The section below provides a list of the supporting documents that you will also need to submit. Kindly send the required documents by email to ybhk@hkfyg.org.hk. Please state the e-mail subject as ‘SIC’s One-stop Support Scheme for Young Entrepreneurs’ and provide the English version of your name. The e-mail attachments should not be more than 20 MB in total. You may consider uploading the supporting documents to other platforms, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

(B) Supporting Documents

1.     A copy of your Hong Kong Identity Card.

2.     A copy of your proof of residence (in English).

3.     A copy of your educational qualifications and your employment record.

4.     A recent credit report obtained from TransUnion Limited (Hotline: 2577 1816; website: www.transunion.hk); if the credit report is more than 3 months old, it will not be accepted. 

5.     A PowerPoint presentation of your business idea. Please follow these instructions:
(a) there should be no more than 20 slides;
(b) the contents should include (but need not be limited to) a clear description of the product/service you aim to make/provide and of your business model and strategy; your estimated budget; a description of your background (and that of your team, if you have one); a statement of the targets (and the evaluation methods you will use) for the first 6 months and 12 months of your start-up’s operations;
(c) submit your presentation as a PDF.

(C) Application Deadline

Applicants must complete the online application form and submit all supporting documents on or before 30th April 2017.

(D)Application Flow

 Please refer to Procedure and Key Days

(3) The Criteria that Will Be Used to Appraise an Application 

In judging the merits of an application, the criteria will include (but will not be limited to) the following.

1.     The feasibility and sustainability of the proposed business.

2.     The uniqueness and competitiveness of the proposed products/services.

3.     The adequacy of the marketing plan.

4.     The business competencies and experience of the applicant/the team.

5.     The soundness of the applicant’s credit record.